Custom Parting Lines will add over build, bow, or twist into to our customer’s product model, to use in the mold design.  Some of the features of our mold designs are:

  • Mold designs that are paramaterized, making changes and updates to the product and mold design easier, faster, and with less opportunity for errors.
  • Mold designs that are modeled with clearances and venting which allows our customers to build right off the model.
  • Layouts and detail drawing that are associative to the models.
  • The components in the mold designs have attributes for material, hardness, stock size, supplier, and catalog number, which we use to generate the material list.
  • CPL supplies our customers with a material list when we submit the preliminary design, which allows them to order steel and mold components while they are waiting for the final design.
  • CPL can design using your companies’ or your customer’s design standards, file naming, and assembly structure.

Accurate Mold Designs, that are cost efficient to Build, Run, and Maintain